Repairs & Remodelling

David Keefe offers a comprehensive repair and remodelling service. Jewellery repairs and remodelling requires particular expertise and experience. At David Keefe, we have been experts in this field for almost 50 years and assure you that you will receive only the highest quality and most professional craftsmanship.

Feel free to call into our LynnMall showroom to let us check that your jewellery is in a safe condition and to recommend any repairs necessary to make your jewellery safe. 

Get a Quote

At David Keefe, we offer a no cost, no obligation quotation service.  Feel free to call in with your jewellery and we can discuss any repairs that may be required, or perhaps design concepts should you wish to remodel your jewellery. You may need to leave your jewellery with us for a few days to allow our jewellers time to assess any required repairs.  Please rest assured, we will take very good care of your jewellery, we understand how sentimental and precious jewellery can be!

No Obligation

There is no cost or fee should you decide not to proceed with the repair or remodelling of your jewellery. You simply need to let us know that you wish your jewellery to be returned without any repair.  

Enquire Now

If you are unable to call into see us, please use the form below and send us a picture of your jewellery and describe the nature of the damage or wear. We will do our best to provide a quote from the picture and information provided, but sometimes it is not possible for us to quote without seeing the actual piece.  But of course, we will always do the best we can!